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Does your mindset affect your business? 

Do we ever evaluate our mindset and how it affects the way we run our businesses?   Does Mindset establish a pattern or a management style that drives the future strategies for business?  Anna Kucirkova has written an excellent article on the topic that can enhance your understanding of our...

Market Intelligence is important to understand and define.

    The Importance Of Market Intelligence For CMOs POSTED 5 DAYS AGO BY STEVE OLENSKI as seen in: B2B Marketing Insider For CMOs (chief marketing officers), market intelligence about their consumer base is an exceedingly important part of developing positive customer relationships, increasing leads, and creating a life-long customer base. Equally as important as...

Innovation: How do we make change happen?

Following up on the previously posted speech by Elon Musk re: the Tesla Battery I though it appropriate to post this great research done by McKinsey Quarterly talking to the “eight essentials of innovation”.   We all know doing things the same way all the time accomplishes little, but how...