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Branding and Marketing Tune-up are critical to success

Branding and marketing Tune-up’s are important in todays dynamic and multifaceted marketing programs.    Branding and Marketing Tune-up   Does your company need a branding and marketing tune-up?  The connection between your company, its brand and your consumer audience is critical to your success.  Like a wise owl, do you...

Measuring consumer behavior is critical to marketing success.

Consumer behavior changes constantly.  It is affected by age groups, by gender, by country, by ethnic background, and more.  Understanding all the connectors between these groups helps best define the objectives for a successful program.   Thank you Max for sending this along as it is a very interesting article...

Organic Reach on Facebook goes away

Our friends at Izideo point out that organic reach has seen its influence in search results on Facebook largely go away.   Facebooks constantly changes its algorithms, as does Google, in a frustrating relationship with marketing teams across the spectrum.  Obviously most is driven by their desire to increase paid...