Event Marketing Strategies

The Page Group understands that brand integration is a central part of all event marketing strategies, and we work with clients to identify those core brand attributes that help build that brand connection, and draw the consumer to their brand, and then develop, and execute, those strategies on the clients behalf building highly effective campaigns that generate results.

Event marketing is a central part of many companies marketing efforts and it encompasses all aspects of:

  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Targeted Audience Event Marketing Strategies
  • Sponsorship
  • And Related activities


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Whether it is working with existing strategies to enhance their effectiveness, or to create whole new campaigns that drive results one of the major differences with the team at The Page Group is that we always look at the expected results at the end of the event before we plan the strategy going into the event.   Why?  Because we want a result.  We want to be able to measure the performance of the event.   We want to be able to qualify any future changes made to the event as compared to prior events.

To many marketing departments create events to create something fun, exciting, rewarding, or informative, but there is no identifiable plan for targeting a specific action to take place, or conversion to be generated.

Central to successful event marketing efforts is:

  • Must be identifiable with the Brand, its messaging, its values, and its organization.
  • Consistent and effective use of the Core Brand Message to your audience.
  • Consistent Brand Imagery
  • Effective use of all marketing materials to drive a specific expectation to be achieved at the conclusion of the event.     It has to convert into some action that can be identified.
  • It must be measureeable








McAfee Exec Drive - Autobahn Speedway - Version 2McAfee Exec Drive - Autobahn Speedway - Version 2





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