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Small business financing

Small business financing for the novice start up and growth company is always a challenge.  Our friends over at UpCounsel have supplied us with a wonderful article that helps you understand the attributes and risks of the various forms of financing that new company or growth oriented firm.   Take...

Branding vehicles and fleets

Branding Vehicles can make an impact on your business especially if a localized business.   Many companies can benefit from a localized branding effort put into the branding vehicles that are connected with the company or the principals of that company.  In most marketing programs the effectiveness comes when we...

The real costs of Tariffs

Tarriffs are in the news today, and appear to be in a strong state of change.   I think most of America can agree that we have had significant trade imbalances for decades in this country and part of that reason is the tariffs that are placed on our goods...