How to Use Instagram Reels

How To Use Instagram Reels: all of us commit to these amazing social media tools, but do we ever delve into the technology enough to make an impact on those platforms for our use.   Caterina Taylor prepared just for TPG Brand Strategy the following article delving into the value that Instagram brings towards advancing your business growth.   We think you will gain some valuable insights into the world of Instagram. 

Date: 2/23/2021

Caterina Taylor,   Social Media Strategist, Planyourgram

Instagram Marketing: How to Use Instagram Reels for your Business Growth


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the competitive world. It has more than 1 billion active users monthly, and more than 500 million accounts use Instagram stories per day. Instagram is the second most popular network after Facebook. According to the stats, every user spends 53 minutes per day.


There are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram, and 90% of users follow business accounts, and 80% of users stay connected on Instagram to discover new products and services.


On August 8, Instagram introduced a new feature called reels, which allows you to create short videos like TikTok. You can record a video for up to 15 to 30 seconds with your favorite music. Also, you can add effects to your video before sharing them on your feeds or stories. 


Why Instagram Launched Reels? 


Instagram tested reels in brazil in November 2019 and launched the feature in August 2020 over the world. This feature helps you to make attractive content and get followers to your account. It is an excellent way for all people, creators, and marketers to make and discover entertaining and funny videos on Instagram. 


Instagram Reels will help many businesses for promoting their brand and increase sales on this platform. Here are some brands that already use reels for marketing their products.

Emmy Mae Bridal


Beauty and fashion are perfect categories for making reels. One of the excellent examples is the Emmy Mae Bridal in Australia. Her brand represents video and images of their wedding. Hereby, she will promote their brand by using Instagram reels. 

Earth Official:


If you want to explore the traveling video, use reels. It is also a great way to reach more people. Earth official is a high-level content for marketers and influencers. They share traveling experiences as videos and upload beautiful images of many countries.


How to create Instagram Reels


Now, we are going to see how to use Instagram reels for your business. Here are the few points. 


  • Go to Instagram Reels
  • Make use of Editing Tools
  • Ready to upload your reel
  • Share your reel
  • Track your performance
  • Watch reel from other accounts


Go to Instagram Reels:


Once you are entered into Instagram, swipe right the screen on your mobile. Now, you can find a few features like stories, posts and reels. Choose a reels icon and long press the record button to start a video. The progress bar at the top of the screen will show you how much recording time you have left. 


You can also set a timer for creating reels videos. If you already have an engaging video, you can upload it in reels. If you want to improve your business, you can use reels for your business and make a video related to your brands and services.


Many brands use Instagram reels to promote their products to improve their business because it is the perfect place to market your product and reach more customers.


Make use of Editing Tools:


After recording your video, you can see four editing icons on the left side of your camera; You can use these tools to edit your video more compellingly. Sharing attractive reels in your account which help to get more followers to your profile. 




You can select audio from the Instagram list or add pre-recorded music from other users, or you can move to your favorite songs.


Playback Speed:


This tool enables you to speed up or slow down your video.




Hit this icon to see effects like emoji outline. You can also add stickers, text, and filter effects to your videos. The filter for reels is similar to Instagram stories.




If you cannot hold the record button for your full video, you can click the timer icon to set the recording time for your video clip. When you tap the record icon, a countdown of three seconds will appear on the screen before starting to record.

Ready to upload your reel:


Once you are completed your editing process, it’s time to share the reels in your account. Click the arrow at the bottom of the display, it will take you to the post screen, where you can choose a cover image, write a caption and add hashtags.


Use business-related hashtags that will help you showcase your products to a wider audience. When you use hashtags in your reel content, there is more chance to get views for your Instagram reels. Increasing views will help to reach your content to more audiences. 

Share Your Reels:


After publishing your video, it will appear on the explore page, reels can be sent as a direct message(DM) to a person, or you can post to your Instagram stories. Posting reels with a story will engage your followers.Unless you share a reel so it displays on your main grid, the content will behave like a Instagram story and it disappears within 24 hours.

Track Your Performance:


Once you are publishing your reels, always monitor your performance that will give an idea to make future content. You can add business links to your videos. It will help the customer to visit your site, and it will increase your traffic.


Know the interest of your audience and keep making your videos based on that. It will improve your performance rate.

Watch Reels From Other Accounts:


To access reels, simply go to search, there you find a featured reel. Click reels, and you can easily scroll to see more clips. From there, you can find new people, follow them, give a like and comments for their videos.


Making collaboration with other accounts helps you to increase your brand awareness and reach your target audience.




Without a doubt, Instagram is a perfect place to market your product. If you want your Instagram marketing to be profitable, use reels regularly for your business growth. Once your brand reaches many audiences, you will generate more sales. 


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