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Branding’s Best Practices for Your Business

Branding and marketing have changed dramatically over the past decade.  Understanding these changes will have a significant impact on the success of your brand to scale, and remain relevant to your audience and customers.   The single most important element in todays brand culture is consistency of messaging everywhere you...

The Happiness Halo

Happiness is often an overlooked word…In todays customer centric culture one of the Most Critical elements to a long-term loyal customer is thru building a level of customer happiness that connects them back with the brand.   The following article out of the Economist Group speaks to the topic.  Here...

Do you know your customers path to purchase ?

At the Page Group we constantly work with clients on this core issue.  You cannot develop a marketing plan, brand plan, or any go to market strategy without first understanding your consumer and the customers path to purchase.   You always need to understand the connecting points that connect you...