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Todays complex Marketing role

Today’s Marketing is becoming far more complex than at any time in its history.  Today marketers are faced with more touch points with the consumer than at any time in history.  Their strategies must include identifying where their customer connects with their brand, how they connect, what tools they use,...

Brand From The Inside Out

CMO EXCLUSIVES | April 23, 2013 Branding from the inside out… by Cheryl Burgess CEO & CMO Blue Focus Marketing   Plenty of books have already been written about the nature of social business and what brands need to do in order to prepare. ARTICLE HIGHLIGHTS: The most successful brands empower their employees...

Collaborative marketing. Customers Don’t Want Ads, They Want A Conversation.

BY BRANDON EVANS MARCH 25, 2013 Marketing is rapidly transforming into a dialogue between buyers and sellers or collaborative marketing. Crowdtap CEO Brandon Evans on the five trends driving the shift. It is becoming clear that the future of social marketing, and marketing in general, will be built around collaboration. Social...