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Email Marketing … when is to much?

Email marketing can be one of the marketing departments best tools but there are risks involved in its use.  To much use dilutes your messaging and affects the influence it has on your customers.  Lack of focus on the consumers actual needs and wants can disillusion your audience.  Direct marketing strategies...

Email Marketing success elements

Successful email marketing takes strategy, implementation, forethought, and above all else an ultimate expectation of what your activation needs to be at the end.   Then measure it, test it, and build on the success of the campaigns that you build and generate.   Understanding the basic principals of building...

Commercials the Super Bowl Life Blood

The New York Posts Claire Atkinson takes an early look at the new Super Bowl Commercials reflecting that it is always difficult to hit the top of the pyramid with every advertising and commercial cycle.   This years commercials appear to be a little flat in comparison from previous commercials...