Brand & Strategy Clients


Major Brands (Coke, Reebok, McAfee, Honda, Clorox, Smarthomes, Indian Motorcycle, Patron, Clorox, KC Masterpiece, Kathy Ireland, Ferrari NA, ) who already have strong brand awareness come to The Page Group to review, evaluate, and define new opportunities for adding new connections (such as social media, licensing, event marketing, brand strategies) with consumers and redefine old ones.   We work on specific solutions to align their core brand strategy to build a stronger relationship with their core consumers.

Recognized brands who have not yet established major brand awareness and brand connections with their audience come to The Page Group to define the best strategies for building a closer relationship (Connection) with those consumers through building an effective brand silo and marketing strategy.   Frequently working on new product launches w/ new brand strategies.



New companies and products that hope to become household brands that are seeking to develop a strong go to market brand strategy and effective strategic plan to achieve aggressive growth.   Focus on consistent brand messaging throughout all the touch points with core consumer, and laser focus on most effective touch points for core brand audience.



Companies who seek a new brand image, and brand connection with their audience of consumers come to The Page Group for advice, direction, research, and results.  We begin the process by clearly understanding who their consumer is, and then looking to see how they connect with the product, service, company and brand.  From there we develop the strategies that consistently tell a brand story relevant to the audience, convey that message at every touch point the consumer has with the brand, and be consistent in delivering that message.   Our engagements can be narrow or broad as the brand influence is felt throughout the organization from marketing, to packaging, to web, to eCommerce, to events, to reception, to outbound sales calls, to customer service and everywhere the company touches the consumer.   Become a member of our family and let The Page Group build a new brand image and value for your organization.