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Proximity Marketing can be a tremendous tool.

Innovation leads everything that marketers evaluate today, but one of those tools that has not been integrated into the marketplace with broad acceptance could be a valuable tool if your trying to communicate one on one messaging to core consumers as they enter your store, auto dealership, or other retail...

Rules on CRM are changing.

CRM is a tool that marketing and sales has engaged with your years, but have we been maximizing our value from this important tool or not?   How do we really benefit from developing a strong, informative, and engaging CRM management program within our organization?  How do we impact our...

Branded Content Must Be Authentic.

To connect with your consumer your messaging and brand statements must be authentic and deliver on their brand promise.   Failure to do so causes conflict with your customer, and continued conflict may cause your consumer to loose brand loyalty and leave.  So be sure everyone in your organization understands...