Brand Strategy and PR are connected

Brand Strategy and PR are interconnected in their need to deliver a consistent message to your audience, clients, and staff.  Both must be on the same pages and both must understand the strategies of the other department.  Jenny offers up some idea’s on how to build that relationship between brand strategy and PR in her article below.  Take a few minutes to understand how the two are interrelated and add value to the brand story delivered at all touch points with your consumers.   


Vital Links Between Brand Strategy and PR

Jenny Holt

Sept 10, 2019

brand strategy and PR

Public relations and brand strategy have crucial differences, but both need to work closely together for businesses to achieve success. In order to target a specific demographic, one’s PR team needs to bolster its strategies and campaigns. According to the Content Marketing Institute, around 80% of business decision makers prefer to access information from articles rather than advertisements. The Demand Gen Report, meanwhile, concludes that some 96% of B2B buyers are interested in hearing the thoughts and opinions of industry leaders. As content continues to become increasingly crucial to a company’s reputation and authority, it is increasingly playing a vital role in making a brand more appealing to one’s target market.

The Difference between Brand Strategy and PR

These two actions have different yet overlapping aims. Brand strategy is a long-term plan aiming to develop a brand to achieve specific goals. Its success depends on its ability to tap into consumer demands and emotions, while gauging and topping competitors’ strategies. PR is focused on presenting the company in a positive light. One of its primary roles is to establish good relationships with the media. This may involve but is not limited to sending press releases, holding press conferences, and liaising with the media in social and business settings. PR also involves associating the company with the right causes and events… those which mean something to their target market and which will establish their company as a leader in their field; one that also lays great importance on ‘giving back’ to client-centered communities.

Why do PR and Brand Strategists Need to Work Together?

Members of the PR team can do plenty to boost the efficiency of brand strategy. For instance, if a company has launched a line of sustainable fashion Tshirts, its logo, color palette, and slogan will reflect respect for the environment and the future of the Planet. The PR team can then bring this same message across by ensuring this environment-inspired logo is published at the official poster of a charity gala for sustainability. They might hold a press conference announcing their new environmental push, decide to donate to an environment-centered charity, or send press releases on new eco designs to the media. They might also start a blog and center their social media strategy on providing information, videos, and stories about the changes human beings can make to save critical animal and plant species.

Brand strategy and PR need to work together closely to ensure the company’s image and value reach their target audience through the media (including social media). Both are dependent on each other. Brand strategies will rely on the PR team to bring the core values expressed in their strategies to a wider audience. PR staff, meanwhile, will ensure that their communications stay true to these values, bearing in mind the importance of the brand as well as the public image of the company.


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