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Great Digital Marketing Techniques To Boost Sales

Harnil Oza CEO

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Dec 8, 2020


Digital marketing is an excellent way to reach your TA, drive traffic to your site, produce quality leads, and eventually, close sales. To plan a digital marketing technique that will develop business growth is the key to understand the following:


  • How much cost should be incurred on digital marketing?
  • What hacks will deliver the best ROI?
  • Which platforms will help generate high-quality leads?
  • What can be done to develop the whole buyer experience?
  • How can success be measured?


Irrespective of your business size, having a thorough understanding of what happens once you implement your digital marketing strategy is essential to make improved decisions that will yield positive outcomes. Having the right tools, people, and processes in place will help accelerate your efforts to meet your other company objectives.


Below are great digital marketing hacks that will help boost your sales now:


  1. Create outstanding content for digital marketing


Adding tremendous value to your content is one way to make it work for you to increase awareness, leads, and conversions. This means that the topics you write & tips you come up with are actionable and consumed by your target users. 


One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to create content and hope that it will grab attention right away. You must understand that your content strategy must be focused on short and long-term goals. 


You can consider several types of content, so let’s look at some and understand each one’s advantage.


  • Blogging: Research topics that are being looked for, including hashtags that are being used by your target users. Look for a way to be a part of those discussions by writing thoughtful blog posts.
  • Infographics: Visual content is easy to comprehend; therefore, create infographics as a way to drive engagement on your site, expand the time on the website, and input a call to action for users to inquire more about what you have to offer.
  • Guide & eBooks: If you gate your content or not, what’s more essential is that they are being leveraged effectively as lead magnets. You can pull this off without Content gating because inputting calls to action throughout the content will help you understand what drives engagement & what doesn’t.


  1. Run social ads


Marketing on social media networks is not rocket science. Suppose you’re in charge of producing leads for a B2B SaaS product & need to ascertain how you can propel sales-qualified leads that will turn into opportunities; which social media platforms would you consider?


Look at these 3 for starters: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


You can narrow down specific personas, experiment with multiple creatives and messages, and gather data to see what works best. Like any marketing strategy, ensure that you link your social ads to their landing pages & the content from the ad to the landing page matches. Moreover, consider the follows:


  • Use your content assets to generate leads and inquiries.
  • Ensure your messaging presents a clear issue and solution.
  • Create various creative assets to avoid ad fatigue.
  • Fine-tune and enhance as you go. Focus on growth & progress over perfection. 


  1. Create powerful email marketing


After collecting lead information from your site, the next logical step is to build automated workflows that will look after your leads. The key to creating successful workflows is to prepare the buyer journey and adjust your email strategy with that. 


Below are some tips to bear in mind as you build your email marketing:


  • Place the content around the lifecycle stages of your leads.
  • Allow lead scoring to keep track of what drives engagement & movement from one lifecycle stage to another. 
  • Divide and personalize
  • Experiment with multiple subject lines & content


  1. Conduct webinars


Get innovative with your webinars by inviting guest speakers to help co-host and do interviews with satisfied clients using your products and services. As per Xant survey, 73% of sales & marketing experts say that webinars are one of the great ways to produce quality leads. In fact, one webinar could generate up to 1000 leads. 


To ensure that your webinars are effective, do the following:


  • Research & pick the right topic for your webinar, as you would with your blog topics. It’s about the searcher’s intent & target audience requirements, i.e., the issue you resolve.
  • Determine a promotion strategy for your webinar. Unlike other ads that are pushed to market a guide or direct inquiry, webinars require at least 1-2 weeks of a promotional period. 
  • Build a series of promotional emails and reminders
  • Run social ads & also search engine ads
  • Be interactive with your webinars.
  • Ensure the webinar is accessible on-demand and have a series of follow-up emails & marketing to drive engagement that later turns into opportunities.


  1. Create a growth hacking approach 


The growth hacking approach is basically creating an innovative, low-cost strategy to help companies attract and retain clients. This approach tests nearly everything so that you can gain clarity of what triggers a lead to get interested, inquire, and convert. The thing with this approach is that you can implement it in every single digital marketing tactic. 

Below are some examples you can use:


  • A/B testing headlines & calls to action for target landing pages linked with ads and your homepage.
  • Customize your emails per segment and also personas.
  • Create multiple content clusters with your blogs to see which one brings the best quality leads that convert into actual sales opportunities. 




What differentiates good digital marketing from a great one is not just your ability to spend a lot of funds, but use those funds to show the actual problem you resolve. In other words, you are selling the solution for a clear problem and can show how you can do that.


To be more specific, people buy from people, not businesses. Thus, being genuine with your approach will only help you in the long-term. 


Eventually, continue to integrate both your intuition and the data you gather to help excel your business. Don’t view digital marketing as just a 1:1 – money in & money out – solution. Instead, use the strength of digital marketing to build awareness that will grow beyond just one piece of content.


Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, an app development company in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites like top app development companies.


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