E-Commerce Solutions Guide

E-Commerce Solutions???   E-Commerce is a highly complex endeavor for even the biggest of companies, and frequently the reason they fail are very simple to correct, but without the proper insights into the marketplace and the toolbox you can work from clients get it wrong.  Here is some insights into how you can work to improve and resolve issues that occur in the development of your e-commerce experience that will hopefully put you on a path to success. 


E-Commerce Problems And Solutions Guide

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July 31, 2018


No self-respecting brick-and-mortar business would think it was a good idea to dump all its merchandise in the middle of the store. It wouldn’t read customers’ credit card numbers out loud while completing a transaction. It would never consider forcing customers to bring video evidence of the purchase before processing a return. All of these scenarios would make shopping a terrible ordeal for customers. What’s more, few of those customers would probably ever return to that particular store. Yet many e-commerce businesses are committing sins that are just as harmful to their businesses, but the nature of the digital realm makes these problems less obvious.


E-commerce brands have to be aware of how their sites may be driving customers away, and what they can do to fix those issues. For example, poor web design can make navigating a website too challenging for shoppers to want to continue through to their purchase. Or, a return process that is too complicated can discourage them from patronizing that business again.


The following slideshow contains common problems e-commerce businesses have, as well as some key points for resolving those issues. Be sure to read this valuable information to help improve your e-commerce business.


Author bio:Joe Ardeeser is owner and operator of Jordan Crown, a web design agency in the Seattle area that provides premium marketing websites to small and midsized businesses. As a seasoned professional in the creative industry, Ardeeser has more than 15 years of experience. His greatest enjoyment comes from business building and business development — whether that’s improving the company’s sales process or figuring out how to bring in the highest level of talent.






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