Brand Ambassadors exist inside your own company.

Brand Ambassadors: Many companies fail to realize the important marketing tool they have within their own businesses. 

Every customer who touches and employee inside your company is influenced by that interaction.  In todays world it is important to recognize the value of each of your employee’s in communicating a consistent brand message to every person they interact with.  Very often we see marketing departments run along their pathway doing their job but they don’t communicate throughout the organization what the brand story and messaging are so those people who interact with consumers on a daily basis understand who and what your company is.   

We also often see that the brand story does not align with the corporate culture and that is largely due to this same principal.  If a company is customer service facing should it have a automated voice and phone transferring system or a real live operator?   In the same scenario do you need customer service agents who can make decisions on the spot or have to go to a supervisor for approvals?  All these types of area’s are affected by who and what your brand story identify’s with and the consistent brand story you are communicating at every touch point with your company. 

The Page group spends days often focusing on who the customer is, what is the brand story and messaging, how does that connect with the consumer, and how do we communicate and build that same culture into the organization.  Only then are you consistently reinforcing who you are every time the customer interacts with you. 

Remember that it only takes one bad experience for consumers to leave a brand, and often that one bad experience is attributable to an inconsistency in the perception of what your company, products and brand stand for. 

These employee’s are always your best Brand Ambassadors. 

Another good article from our contributing author Jenny Holt below…enjoy. 



How To Find Employees Who Become Brand Ambassadors

By: Jenny Holt

August 23, 2018


Are there brand ambassadors inside company?

The value of good employees can never be underestimated and no one knows this better than Chobani Yogurt boss, Hamdi Ulukaya. The yogurt tycoon decided to give 10% of the company’s shares to its loyal workers, and the distribution relied solely on tenure. This meant that a factory worker may have ended up with a higher share than a senior manager. For Hamdi, this was a way to thank his staff for helping him build his business. Like Hamdi, every employer wants to have a great mix of employees who help build a brand, and here’s how to find them.

Find Them Where You Want Your Brand To Grow

An employee who cannot be bothered by the competition or industry, might just be a miss. Those who make the effort to broaden their mindset and learn new things are far more valuable, as the will be far more willing and equipped to leverage your brand. For instance, meeting potential employees at trade shows, conferences, and business networking events might be a good start. One of the best places to find talent, however, is by asking existing talent about colleagues they liked to work with before.

The Point Of First Contact

Whether hiring a recruitment agency to do the initial screenings or doing this in-house, the employer should consider a few things before creating the shortlist. The first contact with a potential employer is through their resume, and a professionally drawn up resume goes a long way. But this should also be accompanied by a good cover letter and recommendations. For an employer, the resume says more than just the obvious, it also alludes to the employee’s view of themselves, their proficiency, loyalty, and more.

Employees Who Are Motivated By More Than Just Money

Employees who are only interested in their cost to company will most likely jump ship when a better offer comes along. Instead, go with the candidate who shows an interest in the brand and what it stands for. These employees are far more likely to be engaged and with engagement, comes true brand ambassadorship.

Sometimes it will require a business to think outside the box to attract the right employees, from attending specific functions to leveraging certain benefits. A good hire, however, has the potential to allow the business to soar.


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