Brand Building Strategies for small business.

Brand Building is core to any business big or small, but many small business units struggle to develop a strong well known brand that connects with their core audience.  We have posted a few articles this week related to small business branding including a recent on on Vehicle Branding talking to local branding strategies as well as event marketing strategies.   Iffat has put together a wonderful outline related to small business brand building strategies that I believe you will enjoy.  Check it out and let’s give prop’s for an article well written. 



Brand Building Strategies for Small Businesses

Iffat Tafseer,

July 27, 2018

Branding is the art of connecting good strategy with creativity. It is about being knowable, likable, and trustable. Be so dynamic that people can’t ignore you.




Branding gives an identity and worth to your business.  But it requires a great deal of time and resources. Brand building is all about communicating and exposing your brand, a process of creating value for consumers. It is about making a promise to your consumers and let them know, feel, and experience about your business in its entirety. Brand values account for approximately above 30% of the stock market value of companies in the S&P 500 index. That’s a big deal! Branding is that much important you see.

Here I am sharing some incredible branding strategies to help transform your small business idea into a promising brand. Check them out.

Create a catchy tagline that defines your business

When I say “I’m Lovin’ It” the name of the famous brand McDonald’s instantly pops up on your mind. That’s how the tagline works for your band. It helps them people remember you. You need to be more innovative in making a motto or slogan for your company. Spend a full day with your top team members talking about how you want to be perceived in public. What kind of emotions can connect the audience with your brand and what do you want them to remember. Your tagline should have sentiments, with innovation and simplicity. Summarize your visions and work practices into a few powerful words.

Set your brand standards by designing a compelling logo

After establishing a strong tagline, work on creating your company’s logo. A emblem captivates the minds of your audience and quickly wins your way into their hearts. It sets your brand’s identity and your brand standards. It should evoke the feelings and expectations of the people associates with your brand. Keep in mind that your logo should have compelling graphic elements that will help your customers remember your brand quickly. The Colors play a vital role in recognizing your brand. So, choose colors that ignite the emotions. Larger companies have bigger branding budgets and can afford to create different reiterations of their logo without worrying about the cost, but for a small business, it’s essential that you select the right stop at the very first attempt. An excellent way to make this happen without breaking the bank is to go to the companies that offer discount couponsto give budget-friendly logo designing services to their customers.

Develop a stunning, user-friendly website

If you don’t get found on the search engine, you will soon get disappeared from the market. A business without a site has a very limited reach and will quickly be disappeared before the success. Websites offer incredible benefits, which include more sales, increased trust factor, and a 24/7 online marketing presence. Your site should be staggering with captivating content that successfully grabs the customer’s attention. Make sure that your website has an excellent user interface so that user can easily navigate the site.

Set up a team of hardworking and intelligent people

Your employees play a vital role in your company’s progress, and they are the reason to make or ruin your brand. Do all your hiring with this culture in mind. Don’t bring on people who could destroy client relationships you spent months or years to cultivate. It only takes a single customer’s bad experience with one bad employee to ruin a multimillion-dollar investment. Make a team of responsible people with intelligent mindsets.

Harness the power of Social media

Social media is the ultimate platform to attract customers. Users are increasingly interacting with businesses and brands through various social media channels, so better take advantage of it. An effective social media strategy can bridge the valuable customer acquisition barrier that many small businesses face and cultivate business growth.

Bottom line

A brand serves as the identity of a company, and it is imperative to think outside the box while making brand building strategies. Think something extraordinary that people will like and trust you. That’s all you need to do, and it isn’t that simple.

Good luck!

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