Best Brands for 2013

There are numerous ways we measure and gauge the success of our brands in the marketplace.   Here is YouGov’s BrandIndex for 2013 to give you heads up on the top brands according to their polling statistics and analysis.

The Best-Perceived Brands of 2013 (Best Brands)

Which were the biggest improvers and who fell off the list?

Jan 2014,

Buoyed by strong sales of its e-readers and expansion of its free-shipping service, Amazon topped the list of best-perceived brands of 2013, (best brands )as measured by YouGov’s BrandIndex. Rounding out the top 5 were Ford, Subway, History Channel and Lowe’s. Last year also was a good one for financial institutions, which began to earn consumers’ forgiveness for their role in the economic meltdown: Four of the five best-improved brands in 2013 were banks.

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

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