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Brands require change to stay relevant.

Brands  must evolve, brands must change, brands must adapt, brands must reflect the ever changing landscape of their markets and consumers.  Today it is more important than ever to clearly understand the relationship between brands and the every changing landscape that their brand competes within.   It is critical that...

Brand Activation what is this?

Brand activation is core to many of the things we need to do today to build a stronger brand connection with our customer and audience.   The Page Group believes that every social media campaign, every ad campaign, every connection we make with a potential or existing consumer must create...

Brand Experiences enhance the brand connection.

Brand Experiences can be the connection point between consumers and brands.   This very interesting look at building and creating brand experiences gives us some new perspectives which are well worth considering.  Mr. Crawford-Browne has done an excellent job of looking at this subject and giving us some thought provoking...