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How To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Market In Thirty Days!

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How To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Market In Thirty Days!

No matter what your profession being seen as a recognized expert will deliver real business success – fast! You can really become a recognized expert in thirty days or less – read on!

It does not matter whether you are a lawyer, accountant, plumber, salesperson or babysitter; being seen as an expert will help secure your ability to earn a better living doing what you have always been doing. It is true for individuals, organizations, businesses and even products!

One of the strategies we teach in our Rainmaker Seminars is how to establish yourself as a recognized expert in your market fast. The highest performing salespeople are always seen as experts! Look at all of the reality programs on television and you will find cooks, matchmakers, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, antique dealers, builders, designers, and the list goes on and on of established, recognized experts in something!

Any category you can think of and somebody has positioned themselves as experts in that field. They have then pitched a television producer on a show featuring them as experts! You can do the same and here is how you do it!

There are three primary steps to becoming a recognized expert in any market and here they are:

  1. Your positioning becomes your position.

Take a few moments and define your market. As a real estate agent you will find lots of experts already established, however, you just need to further define your market and expertise. Are you an expert on London, on starter-homes, on one-bedroom flats, on retirement homes, on investment property? Just find a niche that fits your experience and has a market that you can claim. If someone else is there then simply tweak your niche until you can separate yourself from the crowd. Once you find your niche and are certain that it defines a market big enough to support your goals then define your position!  I am… ‘this!’ Not ‘this’ today? Once you position yourself then you have a target and can do the work to get there.

  1. Find a public platform.

Whether it is your own Website, your Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Book, Youtube, or Public Speaking just find your medium, state your position, claim your expert status and begin to talk and write about your expertise. A blog can lead to a newspaper article, can lead to a book, can lead to speech, can lead to a youtube channel can lead to your own television or radio program. It all starts with a message and the confidence to shout that message.

  1. Ask for an opportunity.

Once you have written three hundred blog pieces, or given two hundred speeches or published a book you will, in fact, have become an expert in your field. The work in establishing yourself as an expert will make you an expert even if you are not one yet! The groundwork could be done within just thirty days and social media is a great tool to spread your name and message fast! Once you have fully established your name as an expert then it is simply a matter of building your position and asking for opportunity.  Ask a publisher to publish your book, ask to speak at a conference, or ask for a television show starring you – the expert on something!

This exact formula has been making experts for more than one hundred years. Sure, the medium has changed but the process is still the same. People want to be informed, entertained and taken on a journey. It is your confidence in your own knowledge and experience that will convince the crowd to follow you! The time involved really depend on your confidence, willing to put yourself out there and your energy!

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