Understanding Slideshare thru this Infographic presentation

Check out the Slideshare Infographic attached hereto: Our friends over at Ghergich & Co. have shared with us some very good insights and research into how Slideshare can become a valuable tool for connecting with you consumer audience.   It gives each of us another toolbox to allow our brands to become known, found, and engaged.  Thanks for sending this over Megan.  

Check it out and follow the link to review the visual slideshare infographic which gives you more insights into how to make this program work. 

Understanding Slideshare and how it can improve your activation and connection with consumers.

Feb 2, 2017

Megan, Ghergich & Co.

Think about all the content that your business develops in a year. You might make presentations to the local business community. You might share slideshows with conference attendees. You might even write papers to explain certain concepts about products or services you offer. So what if you could share that information with a wider world to help build your community and cement your brand? Luckily, there’s a social media platform devoted just to that—SlideShare from LinkedIn

What’s unique about SlideShare is that you can get followers, shares, and likes; you can also find promotion through the platform’s own sharing program. Want more ideas? This graphic can help.

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