Influencer Marketing Strategies

How can you use influencer marketing strategies to improve the engagement and success of your next event?   Our friend Jenny Holt sent over another wonderful article regarding the role that influencer marketing can have on your campaigns.   We appreciate the new insights and hope that you find them beneficial as well.   Keep up the good work Jenny.  


How to use influencer marketing for your next event.

by:Jenny Holt

Feb 14, 2018


The Quickest Ways to Damage Your Brand

Your brand represents your company’s message, and a carefully planned website design can either make or break your business. It’s easy to inadvertently create an off-putting online presence that could deter potential customers and destroy your business in a matter of weeks.

You should aim to create a sleek, professional appearance across all media platforms that encourages customer loyalty rather than haranguing potential clientele. With an appealing website design, you’ll see your web traffic increase and encourage feedback from your visitors.  Today, there are several common online fashion trends that can damage your brand and must be avoided.

Parallax Scrolling

When the background of a website scrolls at a slower rate than the foreground, it forces a sense of perspective on users. Parallax scrolling is a popular new trend amongst website designers that is meant to encourage a more interactive experience for the user, but while this web design element can be visually appealing, it can also be frustrating.

The format isn’t particularly intuitive, and it can lead to long loading periods for mobile users. Parallax scrolling also isn’t SEO-friendly, which may affect your web traffic. The technique should be used sparingly, if at all.


Unlike traditional scrolling, scrolljacking targets users to particular points on a webpage when they scroll up and down. While this can draw in a guest’s focus, it can also get in the way of easy navigation. It takes control out of the customer’s hands, which not only drives away your clientele but also discourages healthy dialogue with online visitors.

When customers have trouble navigating, they are less likely to do the work required to explore your website and offer feedback.

Dark Patterns

A dark pattern is a particular type of user interface that encourages the customer to do something they might not normally do, essentially tricking them into taking actions such as purchasing extra products or signing up for an online mailing list.

Trick questions and misdirection both play a part in getting guests to do things that may be beneficial to your business, but detrimental to the customer. Dark patterns have become an increasingly popular marketing strategy in recent years, but while they can boost sales in the short term, this type of practice can drive away your loyal customer base in the long-term by breaking their trust.

Splash Pages

Splash pages are a type of welcome screen that users see before entering a site. A splash page introduces a visitor to your brand image, but also provides an inconvenient blockade to your website. Many visitors want a streamlined online user experience, and a splash page prevents them from getting right to the meat of your content.

Popup Adverts

Popups are a less than subtle way to grab the attention of website guests, urging them to sign up for a newsletter or try some new product. While this type of approach may increase newsletter subscriptions, it is also likely to annoy your consumers. An ill-timed popup advert forces users to click out before returning to their content, disrupting their online experience. This aggressive marketing strategy can drive away new visitors and frustrate existing customers.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus might look sleek, but they’re not a user-friendly menu option. The minimalist design has become popular across multiple services and businesses, but not all users are familiar with this interface. It’s not intuitive, and it hides the bulk of your website’s content from view. A menu that is easier to navigate will draw in more visitors, and they’re likely to browse through your site for longer.

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