Scott Kelly surprises space station in Gorilla Suit…great video

It is so refreshing to see Scott Kelly still showing his sense of humor and fun side as he shows up in the International Space Station wearing a Gorilla Suit.   What a great way to end an amazing 1 year voyage in space.   We will welcome him home soon, but who knows where the gorilla will stay???  We have to offer our support to these amazing individuals who put their own lives at risk to advance our knowledge, develop unique sciences, and move man’s knowledge ever forward.   But you have to have some humor along the way as well.     Check out link to actual video’s below.


Astronaut Scott Kelly celebrates a year long mission

Astronaut Scott Kelly has had a yearlong mission in space. So, he decided to break out the gorilla suit.

The suit, a care package courtesy of Scott’s twin brother and retired NASA astronaut Mark, was likely a birthday present for Scott. But, it may just as likely have been an early homecoming gift, as NASA said Scott will be returning back to Earth on March 1.

The twins shared twin posts on Twitter of the ape-ing around.

Upon his return, Scott Kelly will hold the United States record for most consecutive days in space – 520. He will also hold the world record for most days in space dressed up like an ape – one.


Please visit the following link to see Scott Kelly in his gorilla suit in space.   Wonder who help him smuggle that on board the International Space Station…Great stunt/prank. 

See video and stills from the stunt in the International Space Station prior to his departure.

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