Top 30 Car Brands chosen by Consumer Reports

The Top 30 car Brands are chosen every year by Consumer Reports, and  we learn more about the evolving automotive marketplace.   Once again we see luxury brands like Audi, Lexus and Porsche stay at the top of the rankings.  Check out the listing as posted in the USA Today, and the 2015 Consumer Reports Top 30 Car Brands rankings. 


Consumer Reports: Audi, Subaru lead top 30 car brands

When it comes to top auto brands for reliability and good driving qualities, Europe and Asia still hold a big edge on Detroit, finds Consumer Reportsmagazine.

Audi, Subaru and Lexus make up the three best auto brands overall, the magazine says in its annual listing of top brands. Only one Detroit brand, Buick, made its way into the Top 10 — at seventh place, with an overall score that tied Mazda. Fiat, Jeep and Mitsubishi had the three worst scores.

But Detroit fares better when it comes to particular models. The Chevrolet Impala was the top large car and the Ford F-150 is the top pickup.

“You have to look at the individual models. There’s a bunch of models that are doing good,” says Jake Fisher, director of auto testing for Consumer Reports.

But a few good models didn’t necessarily catapult brands to a top ranking. They need to have consistency across a range of models in reliability and drive quality to get to the top, Fisher says. In other cases, they may do well in one category but not in another.

“Cadillac built some great vehicles, but the reliability is not there,” he adds. That brand ranked 24th out of 30.

Some models are familiar names on the list. Toyota’s Camry, for instance, won for the first time in four years, although it has shown up five times in 20 years. Subaru has also done particularly well. The Forester won for the second consecutive year as small SUV and Impreza won for the fifth time for compact car.

Here’s the list of top brands and their overall score.

1. Audi 80

2. Subaru 78

3. Lexus 76

4. Porsche 76

5. BMW 76

6. Mazda 74

7. Buick 74

8. Toyota 72

9. Kia 72

10. Honda 71

11. Hyundai 70

12. Volvo 69

13. Mini 68

14. Mercedes-Benz 67

15. Volkswagen 67

16. Ford 66

17. Lincoln 65

18. Scion 65

19. Acura 64

20. Chevrolet 64.

21. Nissan 63

22. Infiniti 63

23. GMC 60

24. Cadillac 58

25. Dodge 58

26. Chrysler 58

27. Land Rover 55

28. Mitsubishi 51

29. Jeep 43

30. Fiat 38


Direct Link to USA Today article and the Consumer Reports listings of top cars

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