Linkedin skills to be learned by all.

Linkedin and all social media takes a significant learning curve to understand the values and see the benefits that these tools might lend to you personally or to your brand.  So before you engage in any new social media platform it is critical that you understand what the tool is, how to use it, and what value it brings to connecting with the group or customers you have interest in building a social media connection with.   James takes the time to explain some of his thoughts on why Linkedin is such a valuable tool and how we can all learn to use it better…thanks James. 


What You Still Have Wrong About LinkedIn



If it is not evident, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn. And not just because they named me one of the top voices using the platform in 2015. LinkedIn has been the most powerful tool I have been able to use in my career. I truly believe that if you are not using it you are missing out. Here are some things that you may want to rethink when it comes to using the platform to benefit yourself.

1. My Boss Will Think I am Looking For A Job

For whatever reason, some people think that LinkedIn is just for job seekers. If you are happy in your current position that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to spend time networking. Friends have told me that they would spend more time using LinkedIn but their bosses are on there and will think they are looking for work. If you work for amazing companies like my current employer, your bosses don’t have time to monitor your social patterns. They are too busy making plans to change the world and executing on those plans.

2. You Think The Jobs Section Hasn’t Improved

The last time that I found myself in need of a new position I found that LinkedIn has vastly improved it’s Jobs section. You can now apply to positions directly within the platform, something that did not exist four years prior to my last search. A lot of times I found that it would also let you just upload a resume to apply and a cover letter was not required, which made applying super fast and easy.

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I have a lot of friends who are miserable in their current jobs. It’s a horrible feeling that can take over your entire life at times. I don’t wish that feeling on anyone.

When talking to these friends I often ask them if they have spent time on LinkedIn. Far too many have responded by saying they are afraid if that their bosses will see some type of activity and know that they are looking.

3. Your Profile Views Settings Are Restricted

A lot of people like to set their profiles so that when they look at a person’s page, that person can’t tell who looked at them. This is a waste of time. If you really want to network with people open up your profile settings. I often send a connect request to interesting people that I see have landed on my profile. Think about doing the same.

4. You Think It Is Not Important To Post Often

To really get the full benefits of using LinkedIn, you should be sharing articles to your connections. You should also be starting relevant conversations in groups. If you are not doing this I suggest that you do so. It will broaden your reach and you will meet some really interesting people in the process who may be able to help you achieve your business goals down the road.

5. You Haven’t Explored LinkedIN Pulse

A lot of people still don’t realize that LinkedIn has a content library called Pulse. If you write articles and it get’s picked up by a Pulse channel it will be featured in that channel and you will reach more people. Explore writers and channels here,

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