A.D. Cook ‘s – “Fast Forward – Shifting Gears”

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Fast Forward. >> Shifting Gears…

Shifting gears — in art and life…

A.D. Cook – Fine Artist – Las Vegas, NV



Years ago, I did a series of motorcycle paintings — big epic original artworks celebrating the passion and freedom of the two-wheel lifestyle. I enjoyed creating them, mostly I think because they represented something I was (and still am) passionate about – motorcycles and the culture and lifestyle that surrounds them. I love that world and still have lifelong friends through my connection to the American motorcycle community.

After wrapping up the motorcycle series I shifted gears and went a couple different directions, reconnecting with abstract art and celebrating timeless beauty with my decade long series of figurative paintings. I started my life-size and larger nudes on canvas and metal in 2003, and I have no doubt that I’ll create art nudes until I can paint no more.

Sometimes though, life presents you with a renewed vision and opportunity. Vision because the subject of attention is in alignment with a passion. in this case, I truly love exotic cars. I always have. You only have to read past Blog posts to see that. The design cues and graceful lines of exotic cars are often inspired by beautiful woman. Fast Forward to 2013. My newest creation features a beautiful lady in her own right – the Ferrari FF, Ferrari’s only four wheel drive four seater – in this case a 2012 model in pearl white, which I recently had the opportunity to experience first-hand and create a painting in celebration.

Fast Forward

FAST FORWARD –  36″ x 60″, original painting on canvas © 2013 – Private Collection, Las Vegas, NV

FAST FORWARD is my return to painting shiny surfaces in truly original epic artworks celebrating a unique lifestyle of exotic cars and inspired settings.

This painting started off beautifully as my collector and I took his FF to the Red Rock mountains just outside of Las Vegas, NV. It was a perfect day too for a leisurely drive in a truly unique exotic. Naturally, we stopped and I took plenty of pictures of the car with those timeless majestic mountains as our setting. Those shots became the reference images for my painting.

Next step – canvas prep. My Ferrari painting is created almost entirely with small artist paint brushes, so I prepared my canvas to create a slate-smooth surface, ensuring that I could include more close-up detail than a regular canvas allows. See my article titled “Creating the Perfect Ultra-Smooth Canvas” for some insight to my process. Working on a smooth surface makes it possible for me to paint more details, which is especially great for things like cars.

After a dozen coats of gesso and lots of fine wet sanding I finish my canvas prep and have the perfect surface for my painting. I typically work on my paintings back-to-front >> sky >> mountains >> asphalt >> car >> and so on. The sky and clouds are airbrushed but literally everything else was painted with small artist paint brushes. So, as it goes, I enjoyed countless hours at the easel painting detail upon detail until I achieved this big bold piece, which I’ve titled FAST FORWARD.


Beyond tons of details, some special special features in this painting include pearl mountains that shift colors as the day’s light changes. Look closely, there is an Italian stallion hidden within the rocks and a Nevada map.

So, going forward and shifting gears is what my art is all about. I’m very excited to continue this line of original artworks. Stay tuned for my next original painting or join my email list for updates ( email.adcook.com ).


Signing Fast Forward, August 31, 2013

I really enjoyed creating this painting. I’m looking to more time at the easel with these beautiful ladies. Italian cars, American motorcycles, airplanes… I enjoy painting them all.

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