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Will your brand live on?

This article posted in the Harvard Business Review hits to the core of build effective brand connections in today’s competitive markets.   The Page Group always talks about how Consumer Products Brands truly need to develop “Lifestyle Brands” that connect more closely with those attributes that the consumer would truly...

A.D. Cook Fine Artist – Las Vegas

One of  The Page Groups closest friends is a graphic and fine artist named A.D. Cook of Las Vegas.  Known for the amazing fine art that he creates honoring and respecting the human body he also is a fine Graphic Artist who has done numerous projects for us over the...

An interesting look at Inspiring Leaders.

TPG found this a very insightful look into the world of “Inspiring Leaders”.  There is a difference in leaders and inspiring leaders most certainly have a different look or perspective than others.   It is about inspiring the organization around you, and building a team that executes and succeeds. After...