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What is our Digital World looking like?

You are tired of hearing me state this, but to succeed in today’s digital world we need to be sensitive to the consumers we serve.   We cannot chase every new digital experiment that comes to market.  We cannot time and again test new technologies and throw them away after...

Implementing Analytics: The Five Pillars

Analytics Is The Elephant That Can’t Be Eaten One Bite At A Time CMO.com, Karl, June 3, 2013,   Implementing Analytics: The Five Pillars Big Data means that you need Analytics… and you really, really need Analytics, not just because of Big Data. You need Analytics to: – know what’s...

Marketers lack funding, but build effective campaigns thru effective analytics and data

Lack Of Funds Stifles Marketing, New Models, Analytics Needed by Laurie Sullivan, Apr 29, 2013, 1:35 PM Four in 10 marketing executives feel unprepared to meet campaign objectives, citing a lack of funding and inefficient business practices as the main impediments to improved performance. The Accenture Interactive research, Turbulence for the...