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Customer insights.

Lee gives us additional information on the importance of understanding your customers.   This blog constantly talks to this subject and how important that your brand strategies align with every touch point that the consumer has with your company as well as your marketing aligns with the core principal news...

Indian Motorcycle Vintage Race Days Coming

Our friend Keith Ball and Bikernet.com just published this great story about the upcoming Vintage Motorcycle Races featuring our favorite brand Indian Motorcycle.  Check it out and if your nearby go out and see these beautiful machines.   Then Check out Bikernet.com if your a rider…Keith has an amazing website...

A look at Goya Food’s entry into the social media marketplace.

How Social Media Is Feeding Goya’s Bottom Line CMO EXCLUSIVES | December 04, 2013 by Giselle Abramovich Senior & Strategic Editor CMO.com Go, Goya! Although the country’s largest Hispanic-owned food company became serious about social media relatively late in the game, it has managed a quick catch-up. ARTICLE HIGHLIGHTS: Since the company launched...