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Branded Content Must Be Authentic.

To connect with your consumer your messaging and brand statements must be authentic and deliver on their brand promise.   Failure to do so causes conflict with your customer, and continued conflict may cause your consumer to loose brand loyalty and leave.  So be sure everyone in your organization understands...

Learning more about Brand licensing.

The Page Groups efforts to enhance a companies brand connection with its audience often gives us opportunity to expand the reach, and revenue, of the brand thru licensing.   With our extensive experience in licensing The Page Group has helped numerous companies tap into this strong Branding Strategy that really...

Branding Myths dispelled.

The following Forbes article speaks to the topic of Branding Myths and reinforces the perception that The Page Group has offered over the many years of consulting with their clients.    Branding is about building a relationship with the companies consumers. Connecting with each consumer in a personal way that...