VR ad for Etihad Airways

VR Ad is being created to introduce all of us to the amazing flight experience of Etihad Airways starring Nicole Kidman. 


Nicole Kidman Stars in VR Version of an Etihad Airways Flight

Film Shows Off Luxury Interior of Airbus A380

By Alexandra Jardine. Published on 

Etihad Airways has created a virtual reality film starring actress Nicole Kidman to promote its A380 flights, highlighting their luxurious features.

The four-minute film, which can be downloaded for viewing on mobile and watched via Apple or Android phones with or without a VR viewer, was created by The Barbarian Group and produced by MediaMonks.

It takes a 360-degree look at the interior of the Airbus A380 on a flight to AWatch the production video of this Etihad airways video created in VR.bu Dhabi, during which we see Kidman prepping her lines for a film role, putting on makeup and wandering around the cabin. While there’s no “story” as such, the VR element lets you look around the aircraft as though you were really there spying on the VIPs as they relax in their luxury seats, and getting a sneak glimpse into Etihad’s private three-room suite, The Residence.

According to MediaMonks, the film was created using a custom-built camera rig, enabling 6K resolution and zero parallax footage. Ola Bjorling, MediaMonks’ Global Director of VR, explained in a statement: “‘Reimagine’ is one of the most progressive and technically correct 360 degree films to date. The combination of an extremely high end camera, a unique lens as well as a moving rig is a first in the VR industry, especially at such a big scale as this production. The film has zero seams, holes or flaws, and has been produced at a resolution that is so progressive it precedes the next generation of VR headsets.”

You can see more about how it was done in the “Making Of” film featured here; the film is currently available only for mobile but will be released later on YouTube as a 360-degree viewing experience.



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