Looking at Stats for B2B Marketers

15 Mind-Blowing Stats For B2B Marketers

CMO EXCLUSIVES | January 16, 2014

by Giselle Abramovich
Senior & Strategic Editor


Marketing to business has some inherent challenges that consumer companies, for the most part, don’t have to deal with. (B2C has its own issues, of course.) Attribution, ROI, influencers. . .these are all areas that can be much more complex in the B2B world.

However, digital marketing has a way of raising all boats. Today’s B2B marketers are taking advantage of the digital world we live in to advance their marketing strategies. Here’s a look at some of the ways B2B marketers are embracing digital.


1. B2B content marketers in North America are making strides: 42 percent consider themselves effective, up from 36 percent last year.

2. Here’s why B2B marketers are feeling more confident: 44 percent have a documented content strategy, and 73 percent have a person who oversees content marketing strategy.

3. Today’s business buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete.

4. Lead generation ranks as the top objective for B2B companies’ digital marketing programs. When presented with a list of six objectives, 41 percent of B2B respondents chose lead generation as their top goal, 27 percent pointed to sales and revenue generation, and 17 percent to brand and product awareness.

5. Fifty-four percent of B2B respondents said they have generated leads from social media.

6.The biggest obstacles that B2B online advertisers currently face are lack of budget (59 percent) and the inability to reach the right target at the right time (39 percent).

7. LinkedIn is the only platform the majority (62 percent) of B2B marketers consider to be effective; second place is Twitter, with only 50 percent of respondents believing it is effective.

8. Only 16 percent of B2B consumers prefer live webinars.

9. B2B marketers use, on average, six different social networking platforms, with LinkedIn (91 percent), Twitter (85 percent), Facebook (81 percent), and YouTube (73 percent) the most popular for the sector.

10. The average B2B marketing budget is about 2 percent of revenue.

11. Ninety-seven percent of B2B marketing leaders say they are doing new types of work, that new skills for marketers will be desperately needed going forward, and that the pace of relentless change in their worlds is expected to pick up.

12. A majority (70 percent) of B2B marketing leaders surveyed admit they are concerned about brand integrity and execution in social media, and 60 percent said they are seeking younger employees who understand new technologies. Yet just less than half, 47 percent, say they can’t find people with the right skill sets, and 28 percent are finding it impossible to fill important positions.

13. Eighty-eight percent of B2B CMOs say their C-suite peers turn to them more often for data and insight needed to strategize and plan, and 78 percent agreed that marketing’s influence on corporate strategy is greater today than it was just two years ago.

14. The highest paying marketing jobs are in B2B.

15. Twitter users who see tweets from B2B tech brands are more likely to visit the sites of these brands. A recent study found that Twitter users visit B2B tech brand sites at a higher rate (59 percent) compared to average Internet users (40 percent), illustrating the strong presence of a B2B audience on Twitter.

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