What can we learn examining twitter conversations?

Allelli reached out to us to share with us some great examples of how brands can have fun and develop real conversations off of twitter that can impact and influence the audience.  check it out.  thanks Al for the great story and keep up the excellent writing. 



5 Awesome Brand and Customer Twitter Conversations and What We Can Learn From Them

5 Awesome Brand and Customer Twitter Conversations and What We Can Learn From ThemLet’s cut to the chase—as a brand, social media is either your best ally or your worst enemy. If used well, social media can be your marketing arm, and, if your followers are in the thousands, a credible source of consumer data. But even more importantly, social media is your very own channel for customer service and customer relations.

Building rapport is now easier than ever with social media, it’s really up to us to take advantage of this awesome tool. Companies either make it or break it in social media, and there are a handful of brands that truly make it work for them.

Here are 5 brands that are having some real and fun conversations on Twitter, and what we can learn from them.

1. @Levis

Someone asked where to buy commuter jeans in New York City, and almost in an instant, Levi’s replied with the exact location of the store:



People often take it to Twitter to ask random questions, and Levi’s knows enough to have someone answering them. Especially questions like this one, which can easily be converted to a sale.

2. @TacoBell

Taco Bell is notorious for making quick, witty and romantic comebacks to tweets, and people just love it!

Like when this girl ate Taco Bell for the first time in almost a year, and Taco Bell replied with a line to a song:


Or when this girl posted a TimeHop post dating back to two years ago, and Taco Bell replied with “Happy Anniversary, babe!”


Or when this girl expressed how Taco Bell makes her happy, and they responded with an even more genuine comeback:


These short tweets may not have gone majorly viral, but you know that they made the day a little brighter for that one person they replied to. Doing these small acts of Twitter-kindness each day becomes a great deal put together, and therefore creates a bigger impact to customers and potential customers alike.

3. @Zappos

I suppose it’s impossible to make a list like this and not have Zappos in it. Zappos, sometimes more known for its exemplary customer service than the shoes they sell, is making its own dent in Twitter too.

Like when this guy took to Twitter his search for a specific pair of shoes, and Zappos took it their job to help him find the shoes he’s looking for.


Everywhere in the web, even through word of mouth, we’ve seen Zappos get out of their way to make their customers feel special and attended to. Their “obsession with customers” have translated itself in its Twitter feed, all for everyone’s good.

4. @NikeSupport

Nike has been very particular about providing support to its customers too, so much that they created a separate Twitter account for all customer support requests. Take for example this guy who needed help, and Nike jumped right in to provide him assistance:


Customers sometimes find it more convenient to take their questions to Twitter, and if they’re lucky, someone replies almost instantly. Reminds us to have someone manning our Twitter accounts and start answering those questions! Not only is it good for online reputation, it’s also a great tool for responding to customers faster.

5. @Jetblue

Jetblue responds gracefully, even to customer feedback. That’s not to mention that they respond generously to all types of tweets too, be it appreciation, or question, or requests.

Here are two twitter dialogues with customers, see how Jetblue responds to them.

First, this guy who’s a little displeased about JetBlue’s website logging him off automatically after 30 minutes:


See what JetBlue did there? First they tried to help by asking questions, and then expressed appreciation for the feedback, and then appreciated the customer for being great. That’s a lot of grace right there.

How about this one:


Engaging in dialogues with customers often alleviates the dissatisfaction and keeps the conversations in a positive light. This makes their image more approachable to customers, allowing for more dialogues and, in turn, more opportunities to improve their service.

We’ve seen these 5 major brands take their Twitter accounts seriously. How about you? What are you waiting for?

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Written by Al Pangan

Al Pangan

Al, having almost a decade of experience in the outsourcing industry, brings to the company an expertise in handling and implementing strategies for corporate and resource development. Al started his participation in the industry as a Customer Support agent for international BPO company in 2003 and continued to stay in the field of outsourcing, learning its ins and outs. Al’s extensive experience has a major contribution in paving the way for Infinit-O to offer Research services to its clients. Al was awarded a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship, which is one of the prestigious scholarships in the Philippines, upon entering the University of the Philippines.

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