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The Page Group always reminds our clients no matter what you are doing in social media you need to understand your goals and objectives.   To often we engage in behavior that is intended to drive social media interaction but miss the mark because we were not focusing on a specific result or action that needed to take place.   The article below from M&M Global talks to the Fact that the Top 8 Brands featured in advertising and marketing during the social media only saw they brands mentioned in 1% of the chatter that went thru the social media marketplace.   We need to understand our consumers to understand their behavior.  The Page Group spends great deal of time focused on how clients individual consumers engage before we ever strategize on how to build marketing that targets that engagement.   Maybe these global powerhouse brands needed to spend more time focusing on the engagement side of their social media activities.

Brands only accounted for 1% of Super Bowl conversation on social media

04 FEBRUARY 2014
M&M Global
Brands only accounted for 1% of Super Bowl conversation on social media

Despite costing millions, the top eight brand names were only mentioned in 1% of the overall Super Bowl chat according to an analysis by Brandwatch of over three million social media mentions.

That said, sharing of social media content on mobile devices was up 67% compared to the 2013 event.

Facebook’s activity grew by 42.9% and Pinterest added on 7% versus the last Super Bowl.

Out of the brands involved, Budweiser was the most popular with a 65% share of voice and generated the best results on Facebook throughout Sunday.

Pepsi beat its rival, Coca-Cola, with a 13% share of voice compared to 4% for Coca-Cola.

SodaStream did not fall far behind with 3%.

Doritos, Cheerios and Beats Music managed 4% share with fashion brand H&M achieving 3%.

Bruno Mars was a popular topic for discussion becoming the most mentioned celebrity and the Broncos’ Peyton Manning was the most mentioned player.

Brandwatch also found that 10% more males were engaged with talking about the event.


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