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Fortune recently published the top trusted brands in the US markets in food, beverage, household and kids products.   Research was done by brandspark international.  Check out how your favorite brands stack up to the competition. 


These Are the Trusted Brands that Americans Trust the Most


Who do you trust?

A recently released survey showed which brand name products reign supreme among American shoppers.

BrandSpark International determined the most trusted brands in America by asking American shoppers about their favorites. The market research firm surveyed 38,000 people between Oct. and Dec. 2015 and recorded their “top of mind” answers. “The annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards honors the brands Americans trust most, those they would recommend to friends and neighbors,” president and CEO Robert Levy said in a press release. “This award boosts shoppers’ confidence when making a purchase decision in store aisles.”

Many of the choices were unsurprising since they’re fairly large players in their industry and therefore more recognizable. Some big names in the food and drink category include Coca-Cola KO -0.27%  for soft drinks, Kellogg’s K 0.66%  for cereal, and Campbell’s CPB 0.13%  for soup. General Electric GE -0.95% was recognized this year for a new category: LED lights.






































Despite this apparent focus on trusted brands, 43% of respondents say that they’re less loyal to brand name products now than they have been in the past.

For shoppers purchasing new products, it’s important that they come from a brand they trust. However, the survey found that trusted brands are more important in some categories than in others. When it came to beauty products, 72% of shoppers said it’s important to buy a new product from a trusted brand, as compared to 63% for food and beverage products, the lowest percentage of the five categories. Shoppers also say that they’re 67% more likely to buy a brand name on sale than a cheaper, generic version.

These Are the Brands Americans Trust the Most

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