Social media success??? How is it achieved?

Social media is a nightmare for many marketing departments.  The choices, how to manage, what content to push, how to engage, what generates activation, which are the best tools, how do we use these tools, and so much more.  We often look outside for the expertise to help us drive these strategies, but then we have to ask at what cost?   Is their and ROI on the investments made into social media?  Does it build a better brand connection with our consumers?   How does it influence others?   Do we need to be active in social media?   How much staffing is required to be proficient in social media?  and so much more…

Today’s marketing department needs to ask far more questions, and be able to find the answers before they invest.  The one thing that The Page Group constantly reminds our clients is that we need to know how our potential and current clients use social media to connect with our brand and competitive brands before we ever invest a dime in new social media technologies.   We can’t just follow every short term fad, but we need to understand how we can generate activations and build customer loyalty thru the tools that we choose.   


ADI: Best Of The Best Brands Driving Social Media Success

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