Acura NSX – Wired Magazines inside look at building this amazing car.

The next generation Acura NSX is here…Having owned the first year production NSX in 1991 you have to be impressed when Acura sinks its teeth into the design and development of this amazing super car.  Everything points to this next generation super car to stand strong in a field of amazing vehicles.   Here is a quick look at the amazing facilities in Ohio and how Acura builds this hybrid super car to perform with its amazing statistics.   


Watch How the New Acura NSX is Made

By BallerStatus Staff    /   Published 03/20/2016
Video by Wired Magazine
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With the 2017 Acura NSX finally set to begin rolling out in April, after a decade since its predecessor, the car maker recently invited WIRED into their Ohio factory to see how their supercar is built.

Located in Marysville, OH, the facility will crank out eight NSX models a day. 100 employees, working alongside robots, will work together to build, weld, treat, paint, prime and test each unit in one 14-hour shift.

The end result is a 573 hp beast, featuring a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6, capable of a computer-limited 191-mph top speed… starting at around $158,000 USD.

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