St Judes fund raiser supported by fine artist AD Cook

Our good friend AD Cook has done it again, completing a wonderful new sculpture honoring St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Las Vegas Nevada.   A fine artist with amazing talents AD has always taken a unique path in his life focusing on those things he is passionate about, and creating some of the most beautiful art in this country.  We applaud his charitable work for St Judes, and honor the talent that he has shown in this amazing piece of art that is being auctioned off with all proceeds going to St Judes.   See what its all about, and support another great cause. 



The Things We Do For Love. St. Jude Sculpture 2015.


“The things we do for love…” That’s the theme of my St. Jude sculpture. It seemed like such an obvious choice for me. Mostly because LOVE is what St. Jude does and is all about.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does so much to help children of less fortunate families that it would be hard to share their whole story here. Essentially, they are all about finding cures and saving children. What I find to be beautiful about St. Jude is that they help those in need for free and they freely share their research with the world. They are givers.

St. Jude Sculpture - The Things We Do For Love by A.D. Cook 2015

2015, 46″ x 50″ x 30″, (296.77 cm x 322.58 cm x 193.59 cm), Mixed-media sculpture.

So, when I was asked to give, as other artists have in previous years, I was both honored and excited. It all started one evening last summer when Las Vegas artist Beti Kristof and I were talking about the project and what a great cause it is. She shared with me that her son was a cancer survivor as a child and that she had done five previous versions of the St. Jude sculpture over the years, including one jointly with her son Laszlo, who is also an artist.

Where there is love there is life.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Each year, for the past several years, prominent artists have helped in their way to create awareness and contributions to benefit the Las Vegas chapter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by creating art sculptures to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to St. Jude. It is considered a huge honor to participate in the program.

All-in-all, ten artist were invited to participate. This year’s artists are Dale MathisKD MathesonBeti KristofMichael GodardDon Michael Jr.A.D. CookArmando FloresNick San PedroJoseph Watson and Niki J. Sands. (to my artist friends… it is not only a privilege, but an honor to work with you all on this wonderful project of love and giving back.)

So, when asked if I would like to participate in the creation of one of the charity sculptures this year, along with nine other artists, I quickly signed on. But, I have to be honest here… I had no idea what I was signing on for. I had, for some reason, thought that the sculpture were small table-top (bowling ball size) sculptures that we would embellish with our own artist flair. So, you can imagine my surprise when my sculpture arrived on a flat bed truck with a power lift gate.

After catching my breathe and giving the project a little time to set in, the design finally came to me. It was to be angelic. The “blank” fiberglass sculpture that we are provided, designed by Las Vegas artist Dorit Schwartz, is essentially a large white smooth sculpture and we’re told that we can do pretty much anything we want with it – so long as it is family friendly. Most artists paint theirs, and some have opted to embellish theirs with added sculpting. My plan was to both sculpt and paint my St. Jude sculpture.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

— Aristotle

I saw within Dorit’s sculpture a story of the mother/child relationship… a loving mother giving all she has, of both heart and soul, to a child in need. This is, after all, the things we do for love.

So, after sketching my original idea out on paper, I began the sculpting process, slowly building the various components up as I went. Each added element helps to tell the story. The wings become a heart on the back of the mother figure. She also has a halo to emphasize her angelic qualities. there are two additional hearts – one on the mother and on the child to represent the giver and receiver of love (although to give is to receive).

The mother has seven vertebrate down her back and the child has five – both are primary numbers which is featured heavily throughout my figurative work. Both figures have angelic wings of pearl white..

The Things We Do For Love - Braille, A.D. Cook, Artist

“The things we do for love” in Braille.

The theme, or message, The things we do for love” is expressed three times in the overall piece: once in English, once in Spanish (“Las cosas que hacemos por amor…”) and once in braille. My feeling was that this was to be a tactile sculpture inviting a sensory experience. Touch it. Embrace it. Feel it.

I also wanted to share my experience as an artist by including you to follow along. With each step I posted my progress on my FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts.

Artist A.D. Cook, Las Vegas, NVA.D. Cook, artist, with St. Jude sculpture.

Below are a few of my favorite pics throughout the project – a work in progress…

The Things We Do For Love - Early sculpting phase, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NVEarly in the sculpting phase…

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP by A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas. NV

Sanding, and lots of it, was needed to make her smooth.

St. Jude Sculpture - work in process, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

Slowly, the sculpting process builds.

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

One of the two sculpted hearts on my sculpture.

St. Jude Sculpture 2015 - WIP, A.D. Cook, artist, Las Vegas, NV

Still far from finished but making great progress – there is now braille that reads “The things we do for love.”

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, A.D. Cook, Las Vegas, NV

It’s all about the details. Countless hours of fine sanding help create a smooth finish before painting.

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

A pearl finish makes it dance. This is the first of many coats of pearl paints applied to the finished sculpture.

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

Adding color to the sculpted elements.

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

Early stages of layering the pearl colors gives this piece a beautiful depth of color and intensity.

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

Details. Details. It’s all in the details.

The Things We Do For Love Lettering, A.D. Cook, Las Vegas, NVHand lettering “The things we do for love…”

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

Las cosas que hacemos por amor

St. Jude Sculpture - WIP, A.D. Cook, Artist, Las Vegas, NV

And finally… Signed 02/10/15. Cheers!

Special thanks to artist Beti Kristof-Mohn for inviting and encouraging me to participate. I’m so glad that I did. Watch for her finished St. Jude sculpture soon. Spoiler alert… it’s beautiful and tells an equally beautiful story.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

— Dalai Lama

With your help, the St Jude Las Vegas Chapter surpassed all fundraising expectations in 2014 with a whopping $1,250,000 raised between the Grand Gala Event & the Celebrity Poker Tournament. These sculptures are part of that effort to help generate funds for a great cause. Sponsors of this project are play a major role in creating awareness for St. Jude and its mission of finding cures and saving children.

I would encourage you to visit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital web site to learn more about them and all they do.

This year, it looks like the grand unveiling of all ten sculptures will be at the Crystals Mall inside City Center sometime around late summer or early autumn. Until then, The Things We Do For Love will be displayed at various location around the Las Vegas area. Please feel to join my email list and I’ll keep you informed as where you can see mine up close.


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Las Vegas Chapter

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If you would like to inquire about bidding on or sponsoring my sculpture or any of the other artists’ St. Jude sculptures, please contact…

Tanya Amid, Chairwoman 

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Las Vegas Chapter

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