F1 Hits the streets of London

What an amazing day for central London and all the F1 fans in England.   8 out of the 10 F1 teams are all based out of England, and what a way to celebrate that fact but to drive 900 hp F1 race cars in the streets of London and around Trafalgar Square.   An amazing sight to see.



F1 Hits the streets of London and awakens the soles of all of London…Great thrill I am sure.

Check out F1 live in London on U-Tube. Hamilton was the only driver not to attend.👎 Hear the thrill of V12, V10, and the new hybrid V8 engines makes you yearn for the old days of formula 1, but then you see the torque and performance of the new cars and your amazed at what they can do under power.  But that amazing sound of a v12 engine is just so hard to forget.

Check out crazy Daniel Ricardo’s donut after donut, and Sebastian Vettel’s beautiful Ferrari.   Watch as Jenson Button takes Naomi Campbell for a ride in a Formula 1 two seater only to stall the car while doing a burnout corner turn.   A thrilling time for everyone I am sure, and excitement that will go on into the night.

I cannot imagine the excitement in the heart of central London as all the major teams in F1 attended the afternoon event, and congrats to the new owners of Formula 1, Liberty Media, for hosting a beautiful event that got out the crowds.   I think all of London Celebrated and it was great to see how much fun all the F1 drivers had in experiencing this whole new event in the heart of a major metropolitan city.   Congrats’s.



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