TPG assists RioVida Networks enter new markets.


“Is a delight to work with. The main reason is his charming way of saying the difficult things with warmth and understanding. He is one of the most astute intellects I have ever had the chance to work with. His amazing experience reaches far and deep and is helpful for any company that wishes to move out from oblivion to being one of the top companies in the world.

He has the most astounding ability to spot or perhaps even more often create trends.

He has a great history with phenomenal brands, and has become a branding expert because of this. His ability to quickly analyze and recommend solid idea’s that can drive brand growth and opportunity help great companies succeed.

If you are lucky enough to afford him I can only say do yourself a favor an hire him at once. His strategic thinking and willingness to execute will undoubtedly bring your company to the next level.

Feel free to call me for more details about our relationship.”


Edie Okamoto, Chmn, RioVida Networks


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