What is a Brand?

What is a Brand?

It is an identifier, and promise of distinction that positions a brand uniquely to its customers, employee’s, shareholders, and clients.   A brand connects the products and services that a company offers with the consumer.

In the 70’s, and before, brand strength was identified by one simple test.   Logo’s were shown to consumers and those Logo’s with the highest recognition value were deemed the most important and visible brands.   Brands were perceived as product identifier.


Today, a brand is not about just being a product identifier, logo, slogan, or cute image anymore.   Successful branding is defined by how the brand, its brand attributes, and its brand statement reflect on the corporation, its products or services and connects most closely with those attributes critical with its core audience.    A brands overall image today must relate, and connect, with its core audience.   A brand has a defined point of distinction, and it offers a promise to its consumers and those who connect with it by how that brand statement is perceived by its customer, client, prospects, employees, stockholders, and with everyone that connects with the brand in some way.   Often in the consumer products marketplace we see that brands also reflect those “Lifestyle Attributes” that its consumer wishes to reflect into their lifestyle by making the choice to buy this brand of products.   This is often seen in the drink markets, auto marketing, and related arena’s.  Higher value brands also often reflect higher “lifestyle attributes” on their audience than do other less competitive brands.


Everyday we must continue to ask what is our brand in today’s competitive marketplace, and how does our consumer connect with our brand.  The brand message is fluid changing to reflect the changes in our consumers behavior and connection with the brand.

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