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Crowdstrike hits billion $ valuation.

Congratulations to our good friends over at Crowdstrike for passing the big frontier of a billion dollar valuation  a few short years after opening their doors.  George Kurtz, a very close friend of our group, deserves credit for changing the landscape of cyber security protection protocols, and the impact that...

Crowdstrike hits hard and Hackers give up.

I often speak of our friends over at Crowdstrike Security as they are making inroads into a new model of cyber security.  The following article gives new insights into the methodology that Crowdstrike is using to impede the access of cyber hackers into corporate internet systems.   Lots of great...

Understanding NDA’s.

NDA’s can save you or sometimes hurt you if you don’t understand their role, and how they are written.   This great posting by Steve and Neeraj points to many of the concerns we should all have with respect to NDA’s and their signing.   I think all of us...