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Will your brand live on?

This article posted in the Harvard Business Review hits to the core of build effective brand connections in today’s competitive markets.   The Page Group always talks about how Consumer Products Brands truly need to develop “Lifestyle Brands” that connect more closely with those attributes that the consumer would truly...

Marketing a Luxury Brand: Part 1

BY MICHAEL2 COMMENTS Today I am starting a series of articles on marketing a luxury brand. It’s sometimes hard to believe there are brands for which the words “Sale” or “Limited Time Offer” are not part of the vocabulary. In fact, the higher price tag only adds to the myths these...

Brand Delusions…Exploding Brand Myths

Posted by jephmaystruck on March 17, 2013 I just finished what I think is one of the best books written on Branding I’ve ever read. It’s called Brand Delusions. It teaches you what branding is by telling a story of company in trouble and how they saved their brand. It’s an entertaining...