Integrated venue technology – The Stadium as a platform.

Do you understand integrated venue technology?

If you are an advertiser or sponsor in sports today you need to make yourself aware of the many changes taking place in major stadiums across the country to enhance the fan connection, social media interaction, information distribution, marketing and branding opportunities for your company.   The world of marketing changes almost daily and it is up to each of us to at least be knowledgeable about this ever changing landscape.    Check out this wonderful in depth look from Deloitte into the world of connected stadiums and the opportunities available thru this new tech to advance your marketing message. 



The stadium as a platform: A new model for integrated venue technology into sports business

Re-imagining the modern stadium as a technology and business platform has signi cant implications for the sports and entertainment industry. Stadiums are more connected than ever before and so are the fans that walk through the turnstile. This hyper-connectivity can be the foundation for creating new transactions, growing new businesses, and unlocking new revenue streams.

Adopting a platform mentality when it comes to technology means designing a stadium’s infrastructure to allow fans and partners to create new applications using data generated through stadium systems. Adopting a platform mentality in business means thinking about how value can be created through new experiences in the stadium–whether directly from the team or from others–and capturing that value in a commercially bene cial way for the team.

The following link will take you to the whole research paper, and its conclusions.   Anyone involved in stadium marketing or venue marketing needs to know what tools “Might” be available to you so you negotiate the best package to deliver the richest experience to your customers in a truly exciting new marketing arena…

Click on the link below to access full report.


Deloitte – stadiums as marketing platforms – integrated venue technology

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