Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Here are a couple of tests that might help you identify if your website is mobile friendly and your web team is doing the right thing for your mobile business.   In todays marketing we need to have a highly effective mobile ready web presence.   To many searches are conducted via mobile, and it is important that your strategy includes your understanding of how your consumer connects with the goods, products, and services they buy while using mobile applications.   


Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? 3 Easy Tests

Have you recently looked at your website on a mobile phone?

For many people, their smartphone is the primary way they access web content. If your site isn’t easy to read and navigate on a prospect’s iPhone or Android device, you’ll likely lose them.

We’re sometimes so used to the way our site looks and the way it works that it’s hard to be objective.

Here are three easy ways to check your site’s mobile-friendliness:

  1. If you have to “pinch-and-zoom” to read your site – odds are, it’s not mobile-friendly.
  2. If you can see your entire home page on your phone screen – odds are, it’s not mobile-friendly.
  3. If GOOGLE doesn’t think it’s mobile-friendly – well, it isn’t. In most of the ways that matter! Check that here:

Other clues – if your site is more than a few years old, there’s a good chance it doesn’t look good on a smart phone. Ditto if it wasn’t built or tested with a phone in mind. And if key elements such as your phone number or location aren’t immediately visible, you’ll lose people too (whether it’s technically mobile-friendly or not.)

The point is not really whether your site passes any sort of test. The point is whether or not your prospects and clients find it easy to read your content and connect with you, no matter how they find you.


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