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Todays marketing toolbox changes with frequency.  Technology innovation and keeping pace with it is critical to success in the market.   We felt this article by Michael Stephenson gave some valuable insights into the ever dynamic technology marketplace we all are working within. 




How to Improve Your Business With Technological Innovation

July 13, 2022

Michael Stephenson

Technology is advancing so fast that it is increasingly present in virtually every aspect of our lives. However, businesses in particular need to use digital technology to their advantage to remain competitive in the fast-paced world in which we live. Today, The Page Group explains some of the benefits of digital transformation.

Data collection is improved

Many businesses have lots of data that they need to analyze and sort through to make better operational decisions. Digital transformation is a tool that allows you to collect the correct data, organize it and use it to gain valuable insights across all business functions.

Stronger resource management

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of digital process automation, one of the most important things to know is how digital innovation and transformation optimize company resources by avoiding areas that could lead to repetition or overlap of resources. However, digital technology can be complicated, especially when you have multiple software types. But if all of this information is in one place, such as the cloud, it can help increase accessibility and efficiency for various business functions.

Business Process Management automates repetitive and laborious processes, making prioritization and business processes more manageable. Furthermore, business efficacy increases when workflows are simplified. It also makes it easier to identify areas of concern. This makes it easier to get employee buy-in, as team members will be more inclined to work towards a goal if they feel valued and their skills are being used optimally.

Encourages collaboration

Digital innovation promotes teamwork as members of the company learn how to use the latest technology in their respective roles. Digital innovation allows these functions to be integrated and work together to achieve company goals. This culture shift also requires that team members learn digital skills to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

Digital transformational tools

There are many ways to enhance your branding by integrating digital technology into your marketing efforts. For example, you could use a free infographic maker to create an attractive infographic for your site. Just choose from any one of the templates available, and design custom infographics by inserting the relevant text, designs, background colors, etc. of your preference.

Tools for managing customer relationships

Because it allows companies to understand customers and automate tasks, customer relationship management (or CRM) systems can be crucial for your digital transformation strategy. Moreover, it also helps businesses retain their customers by enhancing their customer service levels.

Content management systems

For example, content management systems allow you to manage digital content on websites or mobile apps. Moreover, a content management system can help your audience find the information they need on their own.

Big data analytics

Analytics is the complex process that analyzes large data to uncover hidden patterns and correlating patterns concerning customer preferences, and purchasing behavior so that businesses can serve their consumers better.

Artificial intelligence

Another helpful tool is artificial intelligence (AI), which can automate business processes. AI can increase business revenue by improving efficiency and decreasing costs associated with repetitive tasks that could be streamlined more efficiently. When used correctly, AI can also help elevate customer service levels with the introduction of bots, for example.

Suppose your business isn’t on board with the digital revolution that is taking the world by storm. In that case, you are at a certain disadvantage if you want your business to function optimally. Furthermore, it is essential to keep up with technology so that your business can grow at the required speed to keep the momentum going in the right direction.

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