Vine Video May be here to stay

TPG: We ask ourselves, who would have thought that a six second commercial would have the impact that the Vine video social media network has very quickly had in the social media marketplace.   We did not feel it would have success so quickly but this just shows you how social media creates its own dynamics.

The question now is will this be a quick fad that everyone pursues, or something that had legs and lasts a long time.

Again we caution don’t always follow right into the latest fad, but be sure you understand how you will activate the actions you need for this engagemen, its costs, and its investment in time to be successful.   There must always be an ROI on any program you begin, and you must be able to understand going into the program what you expect to measure to determine its success in the end.

Vine Passes Instagram In Total Twitter Shares

Jun 8, 2013 at 8:00am ET by 

vine-instagram-200pxStill not sure about the idea of making and sharing six-second looping videos? Consider this: on Friday there were more Vines shared on Twitter than Instagram photos.

According to Topsy Analytics, there were about 2.37 million links shared on Twitter over a 24-hour period as of about 11:30 pm PT Friday night. That’s well ahead of the 2.14 million links that Topsy counted in the same 24 hours.

It’s the first time Vine links have surpassed Instagram links on Twitter. Here’s the Topsy visual: (you can click for a larger version)


As you can see, Vine almost passed Instagram on Tuesday, June 4th — that’s the day after Twitter released an Android version of Vine. Nick Bilton of the New York Times noticed how close the two were on Thursday.

Vine has become an immediate hit on Android. As of late Friday night, it was the No. 5 free app on the Google Play app charts. It’s also been in the top five on Apple’s App Store for months, and was No. 2 Friday night.

There was a lot of doubt in January when Twitter bought and launched Vine — would anyone want to make videos that are limited to only six seconds? Would anyone watch them?

The answers to those questions are obviously “yes.” Considering the value that surrounds the Instagram brand name, and its longstanding popularity, this is an important milestone for Vine.

Brands are increasingly adopting Vine, too. We featured some of our favorite recent Vines in a new feature yesterday that we’re calling This Week on Vine. Check it out for some creative six-second videos from Samsung, Lowe’s, Target and others.

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