Social Networks and their importance in ecommerce.

Social Networks can be highly relevant and important to the performance of your eCommerce site and your strategies….

We are always seeking to understand how social media, the social networks and related work.  What is their ranking in importance, and how do we maximize our ability to capitalize on the benefits that they bring to our brands / companies. has offered us an opportunity share their infographic detailing (beyond anything I have seen before) how social networks importance are shown in eCommerce Gateways on the net.   Its an interesting view of a very complex environment and hopefully it helps all of us understand more clearly how these tools work and rank with users. 


Social Networks and Their Importance in eCommerce Gateways (Infographic)

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What is Social Commerce?
Social commerce is the fusion of social media platforms and ecommerce allowing consumers to purchase directly through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest without having to leave these sites.
You can browse and compare products on Facebook and then make the purchase right there and then, instead of having to visit the company’s website and re-enter all your details. Right now, Facebook and Pinterest are owning the social commerce world and major brands are increasing sales by taking advantage of it. Partnering with eBay was probably one of the best moves by Facebook when it comes to winning the social commerce game, as eBay is one of the most widely used websites for selling and purchasing online, right next to Amazon and Groupon. In return, this eCommerce giant frequently posts about all kinds of eBay discounts directly on their Facebook page, which is a great way to market their products to people and increase their overall reach.
Facebook has made serious strides in social commerce recently, and you can now make entire stores through the ‘Shop Now’ feature which can be integrated with Facebook Messenger in order to interact with customers before and after the final sale. IBy using a Facebook store, you are able to upload products and product information, curate your store’s catalog, manage orders, and sell directly from your page. It is like having your very own ecommerce store, similar to eBay except it is ran on Facebook and there are no setup costs. In addition to this, you can also run Facebook advertising to promote your store and get useful insights to see how people are interacting with your brand.
Social commerce has grown in popularity because it is a social experience; people love being able to do everything in one place, and by integrating social media with shopping, they have chance to not just chat with friends and catch up on the news, but follow brands and buy products, all without leaving their favourite app.

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