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How To Leverage Instagram For Brand Development 

Sept 11, 2020

MaryKyle is a content developer and marketing manager


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media channels for many years. Almost all businesses have taken Instagram more seriously because it is a perfect platform for developing brands from scratch. Being more of a visual content marketing platform, Instagram has launched numerous new features that compel brand owners to put continuous effort to stay at the competitive edge. This article enlightens how to make intensive use of Instagram for brand development, and the following are some proven strategies to boost brand promotion through Instagram.


Identify Goals

The first and foremost thing is to identify precisely the goals of your brand and what your brand needs to accomplish on Instagram. Examples of goals include:


  • Aiming to spread brand awareness
  • Aiming to grow a community
  • Gain new customers
  • To establish strong connections with existing customers
  • Planning to increase blog or website traffic
  • Trying to increase social media exposure
  • Improve current KPI stats


Remember that goals and adjectives can vary from brand to brand, and goals change as your brand grows. And having definite goals only helps in brand development.


Spot Your Theme

Focussing on the theme is the next step after establishing goals. Failing to have a pepper theme can take your brand only to disaster. Find the theme that best describes your personality and put strong attention on the style. In case you are posting photos of your brand products that would be used in daily routine first complete with posting content representing all products that will fall under that category. But avoid dumping all the content in the very beginning itself, which immensely annoys your audience and declines your engagement rate. Searching through Instagram is an excellent idea to get inspired when you find it a bit difficult to spot your theme.


Create your style pattern

A style pattern is a unique signature style that you create and follow throughout Instagram. Some people have a white theme, and some follow a darker theme. Some users practice placing motivational quotes after three posts. Style patterns can look great by incorporating more creative ideas. Foundr is a famous brand that used white spaces after every image in their post to make their profile stand out.


Publish Quality Content In Regular Intervals

Posting regularly is essential for a stable presence on social media. If you want to stand out from the rest, publishing content regularly can be a significant part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Planning a content schedule is the best way to make it easier to post daily. Publishing fresh content can help your business grow on Instagram in a much faster phase. There are many scheduling tools available in the market to make scheduling save you a lot of time. 


Be active

It is necessary to have a large community of people to brand your Instagram account. You have to be more active on Instagram, which can be done by following other accounts, leaving positive comments on others’ profiles, and of course, by liking photos of other people. Liking 2 to 3 photos and posting your feedback for the third photo can appear more real.


Use Hashtags Right


Researching how famous brands and Influencers use hashtags can help you narrow down which specific and trending hashtags can level up your Instagram game. Strategic use of hashtags leads can make your Instagram profile show up in search results when people look out for content that matches your hashtags. Search for more common hashtags used by people in your demographic and check if they have tagged your brand or used any other hashtags to get featured in your Instagram profile.


Craft a Branded Hashtag

Branded hashtags can improve Instagram engagement instantly. Other people use branded hashtags to get featured in your Instagram account, which in turn gets you more exposure and a huge following. Almost everyone in this universe loved to get tagged on Instagram and is a magic weapon to get featured on several pages.

Mentioning people beforehand that they will get featured on your account for using your hashtags is a more productive approach that yields quicker results. 

Give your likes for photos with common popular hashtags to get our Instagram profile noticed by more people. Doing so increases the chances of more people to use your hashtags. 


Wrapping Up

Nowadays, brands keep implementing several Instagram strategies to stay competitive in the industry and the social media landscape. But always remember that patience and commitment are the foremost qualities that can help brands achieve success not only on Instagram but with any other social media channel.


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MaryKyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


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