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Youtube Channel is a marketing force for many companies today.   Our friend Victoria Daniel has sent over a wonderful article helping us understand strategies for developing and growing your youtube channel.  We hope you will find it of interest. 



How To Grow YouTube Channel – 7 Best Methods Successful YouTube Marketing

Victoria Daniel

September 11, 2020


YouTube marketing is the way of promoting your brands and products using the YouTube marketplace by uploading creative videos related to products or services. It is the top video sharing platform after Google. It has 2 billion active users per month, and the number of small and medium businesses has doubled in the last two years.


YouTube has an excellent opportunity to get more traffic to your website and increase the audience level. In fact, YouTube is a very competitive place, which means you start uploading videos and get to see results. With more than 50 million content creators making with fresh content per day, making a mark of your own can be challenging. 


YouTube offers marketers to enhance their business in two different ways. First, by allowing marketers to create their own YouTube channel to implement marketing strategies. Another way is by letting them advertise their products on videos using YouTube.


Let’s start the YouTube Marketing methods!!

1. Create a YouTube Channel:

Still, you have no channel on YouTube? It’s time for you to create! Having a YouTube channel helps promote your marketing on it. While making your YouTube channel, instead of using your Google account, use a Google Brand Account.


You have created a YouTube account using your personal Gmail account, and you can only access the account. Or else make a google account with your brand name, the multiple user’s logins, and access to the channel. With two or more people having authorized access and editing permission to your channel, they will frequently work on it. In this way, you can streamline to improve on your channel better.


Here are the steps to create your YouTube Channel:

  • Go to YouTube page -> signed with a newly created Google account, and go to your account -> click “My Channel.”
  • In the menu bar on top of the left side, you can make a channel. Click -> My channel, to “Use a business or brand name” option at the bottom.
  • Enter your brand name and create an icon for your channel. Your YouTube channel is ready. 

2. Optimize Your YouTube Channel:

Your YouTube channel is ready, but how to customize your channel. After creating a personalized channel, the first step is to add a unique channel art and channel icon. Whenever the users enter your channel, they will notice the channel icon and channel art. To create your channel easily recognizably, and stand out in the crowd, use images that perfectly oscillate with your brand.

  • Click on the “Customize Channel” -> update the channel icon at the top left corner. 
  • Set the Profile picture, get updated, and appear.
  • Click to “Add channel art” in the middle of the channel(check template for your specifications)
  • Once you have been set all, it’s time to make the “About” section.

3. Optimize Video Title & Description:

Now your YouTube channel is completely created; it’s time to optimize a video title, description, and tags. 


Video Title: 

Your YouTube title must be short and informative. Adding effective keywords at the beginning of the title helps to identify the audience easily. Keywords have an essential role in SEO. In YouTube marketing, keywords help to get rank in SERP pages.


The video title should not be more than 60 characters. Your title should be attractive and concise. Therefore, add effective keywords in the video titles.


Video Description:

This part helps the audience with what your video content is. Adding content related keywords in the description part is as vital for the visibility of the video. Having high-volume keywords can boost your ranking of the video on the search engine and its visibility. 


Adding 2-3 keywords in the description part is to improve your ranking. The maximum characters are 5000 to describe your content. 


Video Tags:

Tags are an essential key component in creating videos to reach a vast audience. Additionally, video titles and tags have a great time in deciding channel keywords. YouTube channel keywords are terms that make it easier for the audience to search for videos. 

Once you can follow all the rules, your YouTube channel gets the most likes and subscribers.  

4. Create an Effective Thumbnail:

Thumbnails are a more significant part in the YouTube videos. Research says 9 out of 10 most viewed YouTube videos thumbnails are customized.  


The thumbnails attracted most of the audience, and they clicked the video to know what the content was. Do you know how to create an attractive thumbnail:


The answer is, 


Create BOGY Thumbnails that means Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, because everyone uses the common background that is mostly created in red, black, and white. But when you use BOGY thumbnails for your videos, it will stand out and grab attention from the audience. 

5. Use Calls to Action:

Every YouTuber should understand the importance of calls to action: It helps to get more traffic and likes, comment, and subscribe to your videos. Add your video link on your website, and below of the YouTube profile. 


Understand what your audience wants, and how to help your call to action. There are four big ideas you may want to optimize for:

  • More channel subscriptions
  • Likes and Shares
  • Getting more viewers to watch the videos 
  • More comments

This method helps the audience redirect your website. Hereby, you can get more audience attention and more likes for your YouTube videos


6. Focus on the Engagement Factor:

Engagement – It is the keyword to improve yourself. To make viewers like your YouTube brand, you have got to show love to them. Here are the highly effective ways to do it:

  • Respond to comments as much as possible and with as much detail as necessary.
  • Ask to subscribe to your YouTube channels and leave positive feedback.
  • Make videos for your audience request or suggest.


7. Share Your Videos on Social Media:

Promote your channel in all ways! This is the secret of your success. Hence, create an account on all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share your full videos or best clips on it. The attracted audience directly entered into your channel and watched your content. Also, they can be like, share, and subscribe to your channel. 


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Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet marketing for two years.

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