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Mike Grishaver, March 4, 2013

You may have seen that HP recently crossed 1 million followers on LinkedIn, the first company to hit this milestone. You may even be one of them. If you’re not already following a company on LinkedIn, what are you waiting for?

More the merrier

You can follow up to 2.8 million companies on LinkedIn, so why limit yourself to just one or two? Follow companies that span across more than 140 industries, from Bentley Motors to Treasury Wine Estates. Simply go to the search box at the top right of LinkedIn and type in the name of an industry, specialty, company size, or company location. Another way to find companies to follow is to look at what companies your colleagues, future customers, partners or  boss are following, so the next time you meet or end up in the elevator together, you have something other than the weather to talk about.

Stay in the know

So you’re following a company. Now what? Make sure to take a look at the people you know who are also following the company and use it as a way to set up a coffee date. This is a great way to keep in touch as well as seek out potential business or job opportunities. You can also check out active job openings the company has listed either for yourself or to share with your peers who may be looking to make a jump. And don’t forget to check out the news and product updates the company posts, as this information can be a great way to stay ahead of important trends impacting the industries you care about, and provide inside information about a company’s culture or new products in the works.

Sharing is caring
Now that you have access to all this great information about companies you care about, how can you use it to show off your expertise? Perhaps a company you follow just launched a brand new product that has huge impact on your sector or has just released a whitepaper about controversial research. These are great pieces of info to share with your network, so you can be seen as someone with expertise and interest in your chosen industries and topics. Or perhaps you’re just a huge fan of a company and their services. Tell your peers why you love the company and their products. Sharing great companies and products is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, and it builds good will with your professional connections who value your opinion as a trusted resource.

We’re growing the number of companies you can follow on LinkedIn every day and we are always looking for more ways to help you find useful and relevant content from companies you care about.

So find some Companies to follow on LinkedIn – we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new jobs, information, insights and opportunities that you and your network will discover in the process.

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