’s Guide to Social Landscape

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2015 CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape


Social media has come a long way since we published our first “CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape” chart in 2010. Our original notion was to help our marketing executive readers understand this new channel better so they could tap into its ubiquity and power.

CMOs and others in marketing—including us—were still trying to make sense of it all five years ago; little did we know how central to all marketing—and life—in the new digital world the social landscape would become.

So what more, in 2015, is left to know about social media? Well, social media has clearly become part of the new customer journey, playing an important role at many stages—awareness, influence, customer service, and more. This year’s chart, therefore, takes a look at the landscape through this matrix: State of Social Media, Rising Trends, and Key Strategies by Top-Of-Funnel Awareness, Social Selling, and Social Customer Care.

On the flip side of the chart, we also are serving up a concise look at why your brand needs to be represented on the top five social sites—want to guess which ones they are?—as well as some of the more important non-U.S. platforms.

Finally, for this year’s edition we partnered with business researcher Aberdeen Group, who helped us create this chart and provided links to some of their seminal research and thought leadership about social media.

Click on the infographic, below, to view the downloadable PDF.


The CMO Guide 2015

The CMO Guide 2015

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